The path to grow

The best version of your law firm is based on human value, growth and profitability


  1. Strategic and action plan for law firms: Internal and external analysis, competitors and scenarios.
  2. Corporate and service positioning of the firm.
  3. Advice on partners’ agreements: To govern the corporate life of the firm and the relationship between members.
  1. Governance: The firm’s management systems and bodies, decision-making and control systems.
  2. Study of the positioning of the services in the market.


  1. Business Situation Analysis: From financial, business and professional perspectives, with recommendations to overcome obstacles and take advantage of opportunities.
  2. Partner compensation systems: Based on strategy, individual and collective contributions, and considering all intangible and tangible aspects.
  3. Career plan and remuneration models for the firm’s professionals: With incentive schemes in line with the firm’s strategy, positioning and objectives.
  1. Training: In strategy, positioning, finance, sales and business development.
  2. Design and application of knowledge management.
  3. Business development plan: To enable the firm to maximize the capabilities of its partners.


  1. Succession plans: Separation of partners due to retirement or retirement planning and process planning.
  2. Efficiency: Process improvement to make the most of the capacity of your professionals. Invest time only where it adds value to the client.
  1. Financial analysis of profitability: Study of profit drivers to align them with the firm’s strategy and positioning.
  2. Legal Project Management: Design and implementation of project management in operations, specific projects, or areas of the firm.


  1. Improvement of the firm’s and its professionals’ reputation.
  2. Consultancy in mergers and integrations: Applying a rigorous methodology to ensure the success of the operation.
  3. Feasibility analysis: Financial and business due diligence, with special emphasis on cultural and team issues. Support in identifying potential firms and suitable candidates.
  1. Merger and integration agreements: Drafting, discussion, and negotiation of necessary documents, proposals, and agreements in the process. Advice and monitoring in the drafting and preparation of final agreements.
  2. Assessment in the process and subsequent monitoring.

We advise law firms on management.
We apply knowledge obtained from academic research, market study
and our experience advising firms with different characteristics.

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